April 25, 2009

Get In The Zone

There are times when I would go climbing just to make sure I worked out for that day and rush off as I have other matters to attend to in my busy schedule.

However, there are times when I would go climbing totally focused on climbing. Its amazing as I not only have lots of fun, it also seem like time just stood still. Nothing else seem to matter.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

Your success is not directly proportional to the amount of time you invest but rather, how focused you are when you are in that pursuit.

Leave everything aside and dedicate to your success today!

April 24, 2009

Success Does Not Happen By Accident

Recalling the first time I met my personal trainer, I was admiring how gracefully and effortlessly he climbs. Not only that, he had the physic most of us desire... perfectly toned muscular body with his washboard abdominal. I wanted to be like him... and I wanted it fast!

As he shared his experience, I then realized, the amount of effort attributed to making him who he is today. For example, he has already been climbing for the last 10 years and began climbing at a very young age. Besides that, he had a mentor to teach him and he had to go through back breaking training the whole day, everyday or years! No wonder he is one of the top climbers in the country.

For anyone to attain that level of competency, there is tremendous practice required.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

It is very easy to look at success and want it immediately. What people fail to understand is that success does not happen by accident. It requires lots of work and planning.

April 23, 2009

Exude Confidence As A Leader

belayingWhen you do rock climbing, it is essential to have a belayer. The belayer is the person that will pull the ropes as you climb so that if you fail, the rope will catch your fall.

The person who is belaying obviously have to know what he is doing and constantly keep his eye on the climber. A second of distraction can result in fatality.

Hence, the climber needs to have the confidence and faith on the belayer

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

Being a leader, we need to be a good belayer. We need to exude that total care and focus to ensure that our team has total faith and confidence in doing what they are doing.

April 22, 2009


When I initially started rock climbing, I picked up a few techniques from observing people around me and through discussion with friends. Nonetheless, I felt my progress was rather slow.

Being introduced to one of the top climbers in the country, I managed to convince him to coach me.

That was the best decision I made, the first session with him made a world of difference to my climbing. He was able to identify little things that I can improve for a better climb.

In fact, I would say my climb improved 4 folds from just that 1 hour he spent with me!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

My mentor once told me...

"Doing what you are doing today, will anything change?"

However, which areas do you need improvements?

"If you knew it, wouldn't it already reflect in your bank account?"

So who is mentoring you to success today?

April 21, 2009

Encouraging Persistence

I realised I was almost compulsively addicted to climbing a month or two into climbing. I would go climb almost everyday. I couldn't understand this dying persistence I had.

Later, I realised that it was because I would have this route that I intended to complete when I climb. However, when I don't get to complete it, on that day or I didn't do good completing it, I was determined to master it the next day.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

In our journey to success, we are bound to meet challenges. It is important to focus on the goal of completing the journey. Focusing on the goals will keep us persistently consistent to succeed.

April 19, 2009

Working Hard Versus Working Smart

When I initially got started in rock climbing. Though I was able to climb to the top, it was extremely tiring and my muscles would be sore for a long time.

Then I learnt some useful skills from my personal trainer. Not only was I able to get to the top tiredlessly, but I could do it a few times over.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

Just like our journey to success, you need the endurance to succeed. Working hard without acquiring the skills is not going to get you very far.

Do you spend enough time to master some skills to succeed?

April 17, 2009

Conquering Fear

It was really interesting for me as I spoke to a few avid climbers to realize that they have a fear of heights. Yet they are chose to conquer their fear by facing it.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

In pursuit of success, we often face fear. F.E.A.R. really means

  • False
  • Evidence
  • Appearing
  • Real!

Whilst some people choose to shy away from their fear. Have you decided to conquer fear by facing it head on?