April 22, 2009


When I initially started rock climbing, I picked up a few techniques from observing people around me and through discussion with friends. Nonetheless, I felt my progress was rather slow.

Being introduced to one of the top climbers in the country, I managed to convince him to coach me.

That was the best decision I made, the first session with him made a world of difference to my climbing. He was able to identify little things that I can improve for a better climb.

In fact, I would say my climb improved 4 folds from just that 1 hour he spent with me!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

My mentor once told me...

"Doing what you are doing today, will anything change?"

However, which areas do you need improvements?

"If you knew it, wouldn't it already reflect in your bank account?"

So who is mentoring you to success today?

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