April 24, 2009

Success Does Not Happen By Accident

Recalling the first time I met my personal trainer, I was admiring how gracefully and effortlessly he climbs. Not only that, he had the physic most of us desire... perfectly toned muscular body with his washboard abdominal. I wanted to be like him... and I wanted it fast!

As he shared his experience, I then realized, the amount of effort attributed to making him who he is today. For example, he has already been climbing for the last 10 years and began climbing at a very young age. Besides that, he had a mentor to teach him and he had to go through back breaking training the whole day, everyday or years! No wonder he is one of the top climbers in the country.

For anyone to attain that level of competency, there is tremendous practice required.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

It is very easy to look at success and want it immediately. What people fail to understand is that success does not happen by accident. It requires lots of work and planning.

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