May 26, 2009

Creating Repeating Waves of Success with Momentum

Today, I had a really good lesson from my coach. He said that I needed more momentum in my climb. Innocently, I attempted it.

After that climb, he said "Momentum is not the same as speed. You need to learn how to use momentum to have better and effortless climb. It is not the same doing it in record time. You can be slow yet having lots of momentum to help you."

An example of how to use momentum to climb is to sway your body enough to get the momentum to catch a holder which is far. This in oppose to just being rigid and jumping for the holder.

He then gave me what seemed like a tough route. To my amazement, I ascended at a steady climb but with momentum, I managed to complete the climb victoriously!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

I am reminded how a lot people get started with a business idea enthusiastically and they try to put everything up quickly and it would eventually fail. On the other hand, we should really pace ourselves steadily. Learn what initiates our momentum best and repeat that every single time you need to make your next move. That one focused step every single time will create unbelievable outcomes!

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