May 7, 2009

Embracing Challenges

When belaying a climber, sometimes we have a climber who is slightly heavier than the belayer. For an inexperienced belayer, you may wonder if you are strong enough to belay and support.


As the belayer lowers the climber, it is important to ensure that the climber is lowered in a controlled manner. As the climber is lowered down a certain momentum picks up and the belayer may be tempted to slow it down quickly and suddenly. However, when doing just that, the belayer is jerked up.

However, if the belayer just allows the climber to come down at its momentum, it is a smooth down.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

In every pursuit to success, there are bound to be challenges. Just like in climbing there is the up journey as well as the down journey.

Often people resist challenges and in resisting challenges it impacts us even more!

On the other hand, we should embrace challenges. Challenges are gifts and has valuable lessons. It makes us better and stronger.

So next time a challenge comes, enthusiastically say to yourself "oh good! What is it here to teach me!"

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