May 16, 2009

Finding Your Balance

One of the key in climbing successfully is for one to find balance. Of course, there are certain techniques one acquires to ensure this balance. For example, your footing needs to be diagonally from the hand holding.

Despite all the techniques you acquire, what is more important is that with persistent practice, you learn how to internalize and feel this balance for yourself. Every person is built differently and they need to learn how to compliment to that.

For some people, it is learning how to use more foot work. Whilst for others, it is learning how to use their arm strength. Yet some will need to learn how to use their planning skills. No one can tell you if you are right or wrong when you are up there.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

In our journey to success, we may fail many times. It is not a failure until you make it one! If you failed, try other methods to make it work. Don't just give up! Do it over and over again until you internalize how it best works for you. Discover your strength that will create this balance for you. Only when you have understood this for yourself, success happens automatically.

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