May 12, 2009

Have a Role Model

A month ago, I went for my first outdoor climb. There was a route where I struggled to even get my big butt up!

Yesterday, I went for my second outdoor climb. I hesitated doing that route again. Nevertheless, when many of my fellow climbers seem to have completed it effortlessly and after prolonged contemplation, I said to myself I can probably do it too!

With that breath of inspiration, I stepped up to the cold hard wall and began my climb.

I was jumping for joy when I finally completed the route!

So why was I able to do it now?

Of course the trainings I did made me more skillful in completing it. Most importantly, I realised my greatest stumbling block the first time was that I had a lot of suppressed fear!


Block by block my confidence was built when I was inspired by others. I mentally defeated the challenge first. I said with a brave heart "I want to be able to do that too!".

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

As you don't know the journey ahead, fear always has its way of crawling in. You need to adopt a winning mindset. Learn to build confidence through persistence and find a role model that you can shadow footsteps to succeed!

Do you have role models who inspires you to succeed?

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