May 20, 2009

Having Strength for the Final Leap

After learning some techniques in climbing, I wanted to really understand how I make my moves as I climbed. Therefore, I would go slower.

Little did I know that in going too slow I actually impede my climbing growth.


When my coach realised that, he asked me to double up my climbing speed.

What I realised what that it was easier and that I was conserving more energy.

This energy is needed to overcome some areas where it required that extra boost of energy.

When I was climbing slow, I used up that reserve energy and by the time I need it, I was already worn out!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!!

I have met many people who get started in a business venture. They tell themselves that it is okay to go slowly and to get everything right. Little do they know that by doing so, they are actually not going anywhere!

They used up all their time and money resource that when the opportunity arises, they could no longer afford. Hence, lost everything that they were trying to make perfect!

It is okay to have an eye for details but don't be a perfectionist, just do what matters!

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