May 25, 2009

Map Out Your Goals

When rock climbing in an indoor gym, each climb route is graded with color coded hand holds. Often times when a person starts new in rock climbing, we would do free climb (i.e. without following the color holds).

Though it may seem easier, there is often a lot of chaos during the climb as you would need to fumble on best holds when proceeding. It is often difficult to plan ahead your next moves. Hence, it not only slows you down but also tire you quicker.

On the other hand, a climb following a specific color coded route on the other hand can be challenging and requires you to learn specific techniques to complete, yet, the climb is often easier as you know what your next moves are already. This allows for a quick climb. One hold after another hold, before you know it, you are at the top already!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

People often shunt away from setting goals. Whether it is small goals or big goals it is going to get you to the top! By setting small goals it doesn't mean your journey is going to be easier. Hence, set goals which are reasonably challenging that requires personal growth.

Without goals, you are basically looking from the bottom of the wall forever figuring how to get to top without those hand holds. Impossible!

Turn the impossible to possible today, set your daily, monthly, yearly and long term goals that maps towards your financial success!

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