May 28, 2009

Rest at the Right Time

I realized one of the reasons I sometimes couldn't complete my route was because I didn't learn to take rest at the right time during the climb. I would climb until I was tired then rest and desperately try to hold on long enough (at awkward positions) before climbing again. Often, since the positions are not meant for resting, the longer I rested there, the more tired I was to climb and I would just drop off!

On the other hand, I learnt that before I climbed, I should study the route and designate a few possible resting spots. Upon arriving at those spots, I would gather enough energy to carry on the rest of the route. It is extremely effective!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

As I mentioned earlier, we need to map out our goals. These goals are necessary to also determine when we can afford to rest. I have seen many leaders nurture teams to a point where things begin to work then they decide to rest and return to find that the team has disintegrated. In fact, it was during this time that the team needs them the most!

Know when you can afford that break and celebrate it! Don't celebrate in advance you may come back and find you are where you started.

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