May 18, 2009

Shifting Your Priorities

There are times when I was climbing I would get stuck. I could not let go my hands to move to higher holds as I felt I would immediately loose my balance and fall. Stuck in that position, attempting many time over again to move the hands higher, it just seems so impossible! To a point where, I would be drained off all my strength and eventually fall.

What I learnt today, was just by shifting my weight from one side to another e.g. left to right, I immediately gain strength and balance to move my hands higher! This minute movement seems to trivial yet pivotal!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

Have you ever came to a point where you felt just stuck and not able to process further in your pursuit of success? It is sometimes an overwhelming feeling that drains every bit of our energy.

Often people hold on to past activities and not wanting to shift their priority. This could be just a temporary shift, yet a pivotal thing to do! In most cases, we only need to shift our priorities to make progress.

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