June 29, 2009

Don't Listen To That Nasty Voice

I was attempting a new route. Two thirds on the way up, I was holding on a bit to figure how to continue and was getting a bit tired. I didn't have much confidence in completing it. I had this voice creeping up "just let go and try again later when you have regained more energy to complete it".

You know that voice, don't you?

Well, with the encouragement of my fellow climbers, I hold on and continued my climb. It was scary as I didn't have much energy to hold on, yet I was still climbing. To my very surprise, I managed to complete it! It was the most victorious feeling!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

All of us are victims of this little voice inside us, it creeps up on us, telling us we can't do this, we shouldn't do this... etc.

There is also another voice that encourages us. Sometimes the nasty voice dominates and we seem to agree with it. Kind of like Smeagal in Lord of the Rings.

Our role in achieving success is to learn to listen to that encouraging voice and to shut off the pessimism of the nasty voice.

Try listening to only that encouraging voice for the next 30 days. See what happens!

June 24, 2009

Know Your Challenges and Study How You Should React


There is this route in my lead climb which I made several attempts but failed to complete and had to take falls. As I experienced more of the fall my fear was starting to build up which didn't help my further attempts. So, I sat down and analyzed the route learnt where were my challenges which boiled down to 3 major areas. Firstly, I need to identify where I can rest during the climb to regain my energy for the rest of the climb. During these rest, I need to ensure that I rest completely.

Secondly, I was not clipping the rope fast enough. This resulted in me using up more of my energy than necessary.

Third but not least, I identified portions of the route where I struggled. I memorized the moments that I need to make during that time. This allowed me to pass through that fast without pausing to think which helps elevate my fear.

Having analyzed the climb, it not only allowed me to complete the route but very important is that I had my fear under control!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

It is like the business, do we really dedicate enough time to understand our challenges and decide how we need to react? Many people can identify their challenges but they don't understand it. Most importantly they do not decide on what is the best way to react that will result in a favorable outcome. Challenges are inevitable. However, repeating that challenge all the time is stupidity! Clearly decide how you are going to react to your challenges today.

June 19, 2009

Overcome the Fear of Failing

Recently, I learnt to lead climb. Lead climbing is tougher as it requires more stamina and strength. Most importantly, there is greater risk of fall and the fall distance is usually greater. Nonetheless, I was not too concerned about it.

As part of the training, my coach intentionally let me take that fall when I slipped. The distance that I fell was quite significant and only then I felt the fear of falling. I realized that was important as part of the training not only in preparation for me in case of a fall but also have a calm mind when climbing since I had faced the fall previously.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

Most people plan for best things to happen on their road to success. Nevertheless, they do not plan and anticipate for challenges ahead. It doesn't mean that we want bad things to happen, by planning and anticipating details, it feeds greater confidence for your journey.

Admit that challenges are inevitable and it is our readiness to fight them that truly makes us a hero!

June 2, 2009

Don't Hold So Tightly to What You Have

As I was upgrading my climbing skills, my hand holds on the routes are smaller and I realized that my arms was getting really tired faster than usual. I though I was not climbing correctly and was using my footing wrongly.

I consulted my trainer, he said "don't hold on the holders too tight!"

Turns out, I was afraid and was holding on tighter to each holder. But I didn't realise that was consuming energy! I could barely complete my climb at times!

Leadership Activities: Dont' believe me... Feel it!

Have you reached the top?

Then why hold on so tightly to what you have as it is not permanent! For example, I met many people who wants to improve their lives and start their own business. But they are not willing to make a calculated risk to invest with the money they have. So, how can anyone expect things to change?

What do you need to let go today for the promise of the brighter future?