June 2, 2009

Don't Hold So Tightly to What You Have

As I was upgrading my climbing skills, my hand holds on the routes are smaller and I realized that my arms was getting really tired faster than usual. I though I was not climbing correctly and was using my footing wrongly.

I consulted my trainer, he said "don't hold on the holders too tight!"

Turns out, I was afraid and was holding on tighter to each holder. But I didn't realise that was consuming energy! I could barely complete my climb at times!

Leadership Activities: Dont' believe me... Feel it!

Have you reached the top?

Then why hold on so tightly to what you have as it is not permanent! For example, I met many people who wants to improve their lives and start their own business. But they are not willing to make a calculated risk to invest with the money they have. So, how can anyone expect things to change?

What do you need to let go today for the promise of the brighter future?

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