June 24, 2009

Know Your Challenges and Study How You Should React


There is this route in my lead climb which I made several attempts but failed to complete and had to take falls. As I experienced more of the fall my fear was starting to build up which didn't help my further attempts. So, I sat down and analyzed the route learnt where were my challenges which boiled down to 3 major areas. Firstly, I need to identify where I can rest during the climb to regain my energy for the rest of the climb. During these rest, I need to ensure that I rest completely.

Secondly, I was not clipping the rope fast enough. This resulted in me using up more of my energy than necessary.

Third but not least, I identified portions of the route where I struggled. I memorized the moments that I need to make during that time. This allowed me to pass through that fast without pausing to think which helps elevate my fear.

Having analyzed the climb, it not only allowed me to complete the route but very important is that I had my fear under control!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

It is like the business, do we really dedicate enough time to understand our challenges and decide how we need to react? Many people can identify their challenges but they don't understand it. Most importantly they do not decide on what is the best way to react that will result in a favorable outcome. Challenges are inevitable. However, repeating that challenge all the time is stupidity! Clearly decide how you are going to react to your challenges today.


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