June 19, 2009

Overcome the Fear of Failing

Recently, I learnt to lead climb. Lead climbing is tougher as it requires more stamina and strength. Most importantly, there is greater risk of fall and the fall distance is usually greater. Nonetheless, I was not too concerned about it.

As part of the training, my coach intentionally let me take that fall when I slipped. The distance that I fell was quite significant and only then I felt the fear of falling. I realized that was important as part of the training not only in preparation for me in case of a fall but also have a calm mind when climbing since I had faced the fall previously.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

Most people plan for best things to happen on their road to success. Nevertheless, they do not plan and anticipate for challenges ahead. It doesn't mean that we want bad things to happen, by planning and anticipating details, it feeds greater confidence for your journey.

Admit that challenges are inevitable and it is our readiness to fight them that truly makes us a hero!

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