July 6, 2009

The Fear Never Goes Away Be Aware Of It

As my climbing improves, I am moving on to new routes, some of them tougher and higher grades. One must think that I am brave and I do not have fear climbing especially when I am getting better.

The funny thing is that the fear actually grows as I take on more challenges in climbing. The fear sometimes overwhelms that I even decide not to proceed with a climb.

I realised that this fear does not really go away, I just have to face it. And when I do, the results are amazing, I have a beautiful climb! Plus lots of satisfaction of reaching the top!

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

As you have been following this blog, I am sure you realized how I often talked about fear. Think about it, what happens to your life if you just decided to ignore fear and do what your heart tells you. Wouldn't your outcomes be significantly different?

The funny thing is that a lot of people just try to suppress this fear in order to create the necessary actions. However, you should know by now, that fear never really goes away. In fact it probably builds up over time resulting in lack of results.

On the other hand, success is about just being aware of that fear and just learning how to cope with it the best possible way we know to achieve the results we want.

What is your greatest fear stopping you from massive results? Lets decide to just face it one more day, and one more day as you know the massive success you will reap tomorrow!

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