July 27, 2009

Say Yes!

Recently I injured myself a little bit and had to rest from climbing for about 10 days. Not being able to climb was the most difficult thing to do.

Looking back to the point when I just got started, I had reservations if I would actually take it seriously. I did not even invest in my own climbing gears, in case I dropped out. But I guess you never know until you've tried it and given it a chance.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

Although we often plan for our success, and decide what opportunities to take and decisions to make. You must remember that the journey may not be what you have in mind. The universe has different principles that it works by.

You just have to give everything a chance. If you say yes to things that comes along, you would be surprised of the magic that will occur. Who knows, one year down the road, you will be sipping pineapple juice on a beach in Hawaii!

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