August 27, 2009

Efficiency and Effectiveness Ensures Stamina for the Long Journey Ahead

My coach gave me this new traversing route to do. I managed to do. However, I was totally exhausted after the climb. Then when he did the route, he did it so gracefully and effortlessly. I was studying his moves. I realized that whilst I was attempting to complete the route focusing on moving my hands. I didn't not pay a lot attention to my footing. All I did was to make sure that I was balanced.

However, my coach ensured that his footing was firm and that he constantly could put his entire weight on the foot rather than the arms. This is a much more efficient and effective way to climb.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

We may be able to complete a lot of things. However, are we doing it the most efficient and effective way. Sure we are not aiming to be professionals, however, success do require us to have lots of stamina to withstand the long journey ahead.

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