August 10, 2009

Work On Your Strength Not Your Weakness

Most people attempting to climb for the first time inevitably says that climbing is very tiring and that you need a lot of upper body strength.

Nevertheless, a trained climber can usually do at least 3 times more routes than a beginner and yet not feel as tired as a beginner. Nope... it is not the fitness level of the person. I have seen people who work out vigorously in gyms suffering from the same challenge too.


It is all about using your strengths better.

The beginner usually uses the their arms to pull themselves up in the climb. Whilst a trained climber would use their legs to push themselves up.

Naturally the later is more effective as the legs has much stronger muscles and the arms are only used to support and balance.

Leadership Activities: Don't believe me... Feel it!

Most of us are brought up in an environment where we are told to build on the weaknesses we have to make us succeed. However, how much improve can you really get doing that? In fact, what one has to really do is just focus on their strength and build on that strength. You will find that the incremental improvement is significant better that will create massive success for you.

If you are good with dealing with people, your career should allow majority of your time being spent there! If you are good with analysis, your career should allow you to spend majority of your time there. You will find that you excel.

Hence, are you spending majority of your time on your area of strength?

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